Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's Sweater Time!

It's Sweater Time!

Ready for today's sweaters?

pic. 1 - Some great 100% wool fair isles, $8 each (gray/maroon/green, cream/blues icelandic [sold], brown/pink/hearts [sold])...

pic. 2 - Some argyle and embroidered 100% lambswool, $8 each (grays, greens/cream/pink cardigan, grays flowers cardigan [sold]green/snowmen cardigan [sold])...

pic. 3 - Some striped 100% merino, $8 each (big navy/cream/brown, aqua/gray, felted brown/coral)...

pic. 4 - Some great blends, $8 each (black/white 70% wool/30% cashmere [sold], animal print cardigan 70% lambswool/20% angora/10% nylon, gray/pastel circles 61% lambswool/21% nylon/18% angora, blues striped 80% lambswool/20% nylon)...

 I updated, condensed, and lowered some prices on the "still available" page, so check it out if you need more sweaters! Just click here to see them.

What is Sweater Time? It is when I show the sweaters that are being added to my inventory. This is an opportunity for anyone to "call dibs" on sweaters they see here that they want to buy.  To "call dibs" or ask any questions, please email me ( If you call dibs, please understand that you are committing to purchase them. Asking questions does not obligate you to buy them, but does not hold the sweaters for you.  You are welcome to combine orders from Sweater Time sweaters with sweaters in my shop, when I have sweaters in my shop. Since I seem to get the same questions about Sweater Time, I will be posting this paragraph on the bottom of each Sweater Time post.
Shipping pricing:  I charge actual shipping, rounded up to the nearest dollar for orders that are under my shipping max. Those in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan pay a max of $8.00 for shipping per order of up to 20 sweaters, and all other continental states only pay $12.00 shipping for up to 20 sweaters. Orders with 21 sweaters or more, will add $8.00 for a max of $16.00 for unlimited sweaters to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. For all other continental states, add $10.00 for over 21 sweaters for a total of $22.00 shipping for unlimited sweaters. The shipping max for non-continental states (Alaska and Hawaii) is $25.00 for up to 20 sweaters, and $40.00 for 21 sweaters or more.
To view the unsold sweaters from previous Sweater Time posts click here, or just scroll down.

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Lisa said...

I would like :
Jan 14 post
pic 2 - Green Snowmen Cardigan $8.00
pic 1 - Black white Cashmere $8.00$10.00

Jan 13 post
pic 51 - grey/taupe/crème fair isle $8.00
pic 50 - Big Black gray/crème fair isle $10.00
pic 49 - Crème burgundy merino/angora $8.00

I don't know how this works. Please give me invoice/total