Thursday, May 10, 2018

Merino May!

For the rest of May all merino is on sale! Take $2 off each individual merino sweater, and $5 off of all merino mystery lots, plus free shipping on mystery lots to Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin! Offer ends when May does :)

Merino mystery lots (10 sweaters) are $50, so $45 with this month's sale. I can try to accommodate color requests, but I am limited to what I have on hand.

To view the sweaters for sale, simply scroll down to my Sweater Time posts, as well as my "sweaters still available post".  To "call dibs" or ask any questions, please email me ( If you call dibs, please understand that you are committing to purchase them. Asking questions does not obligate you to buy them, but does not hold the sweaters for you.  Since I seem to get the same questions about Sweater Time, I will be posting this paragraph on the bottom of each Sweater Time post.
Shipping pricing:  I charge actual shipping, rounded up to the nearest dollar for orders that are under my shipping max. Those in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan pay a max of $8.00 for shipping per order of up to 20 sweaters, and all other continental states only pay $12.00 shipping for up to 20 sweaters. Orders with 21 sweaters or more, will add $8.00 for a max of $16.00 for unlimited sweaters to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. For all other continental states, add $10.00 for over 21 sweaters for a total of $22.00 shipping for unlimited sweaters. The shipping max for non-continental states (Alaska and Hawaii) is $25.00 for up to 20 sweaters, and $40.00 for 21 sweaters or more.


Anna said...

Hi! Do you have a store or a website to order these sweaters? Or is there a different process? Thanks!

Taleitha Selby said...

Hi how would I go about purchasing some sweaters?

Resweater said...

I apologize, I am used to all the information being posted at the bottom of my Sweater Time posts. You can email me at resweatercontacts at gmail dot com with any questions, or to place an order. My shipping rates are listed at the bottom of the Sweater Time posts. I do not have a store anymore, only this blog. The sweaters you see in the posts are the ones available. Mystery lots (10 solid colored sweaters) of merino are $50 ($45 this month!). I am open to requests, but I am limited to what I have on hand.