Monday, June 24, 2019

Summer sale

It is time for sale! Until the end of this month (June 30th) take $1 off of any sweaters still available, or $2 off of each sweater numbered 1-140 in my sweaters still available post.  In addition, get free shipping on 30 sweaters or more! The mystery lots are not included in the $1 off sale, but are included in the free shipping for 30 sweaters or more.

I have lots of solid colored sweaters for mystery lots! I can try to honor color requests, but am limited to what I have on hand . I have the following mystery lots (10 sweater lots) available: 100% merino big mens argyle ($60), 100% wools (mostly merino) large mens patterned (darker/neutral colors, $60), all black 100% cashmere ($65), 100% cashmere short sleeved and sleeveless in a variety of colors ($50), 100% merino (wide variety of colors, $50), big mens 100% merino (mostly darker/neutral colors, but lots of material $50), lambswools ($55), 100% wool ($50), and soft blends of 70% wools or higher in a great variety of colors ($45). Some of the lots I have multiple quantities of, so just ask if you need more!

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