Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4x4 longies

Well... my house is clean (sort of), my Ebay stuff is over with (for the moment), and my son is sick with the virus of the month (a back to school gift), so it's about time I dragged out the sewing machine! I am gathering up all the woolly goodies to bring to the fiber fair (less than 2 weeks!) as examples of what recycled wool can be, and realized I didn't have a diaper cover to bring that wasn't already in rotation. I figured my son could use another pair of longies, and I had been eyeballing a super soft fuzzy black lambswool in my stash, so I set to work. I am a simple gal, so most of my son's wool diaper covers are plain, but since I was bringing this to show, I thought i'd try my hand at a simple design. I am embarrassingly lacking in the artistic talent & sewing skills departments, so even though you all are probably laughing at your computers, i'm quite proud of my little 4x4 truck and dirt pile (oh... so that's what that's supposed to be, Kris?). Though I could have sworn I heard him snicker when he looked at it, my son was happy to see his latest obsession on his new woolly pants :)

I started out with Katrina's free soaker pattern, but I seemed to have tweaked them beyond recognition of that pattern. I do most of the seams facing out for comfort & I like the look of it, I use the width of the large & the rise of XL (my son is skinny), I add an extra layer in the wet zone, and I make a long adjustable stretchy waistband. My son seems to grow only taller, and never wider, so this waistband makes them last so much longer. The rise goes from 16"-26"!

No, one leg isn't longer than the other... it was just how the picture turned out.

Ok, I need some opinions... I have limited time (and sewing skills) before the fiber fair, so what should I make? I can make a banner to run along the front of my table that says Resweater in wool, or I can make little finished projects to sell. If I make little projects, do you think oven mitts would be good? I seem to be good at making them, they work great, and they are practical.


Harvest Textiles said...

I'm voting for oven mitts. It's always better to have lots of items to sell.

Resweater said...

Thanks! I tried the oven mitts, but I just couldn't get what I wanted out of them. What do you think of my coasters?