Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fantastic savings on quantity wool sweater purchase! Just $3 each!

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Residents of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio, buy any 20 or more sweaters from my shop (includes mystery lot sweaters and individually listed sweaters) for just $3 each, regardless of what they are marked!! All other states buy any 20 or more sweaters from my shop (includes mystery lot sweaters and individually listed sweaters) for just $4 each, regardless of what they are marked!! Just email me with your choices, and I will send you an invoice for the correct amount. At these priced, the sweaters will be disappearing quickly, so stock up now, while you still can! I still have great selections in my mystery lots too (100% lambswools, 100% merinos, 100% wools), but won't for long!

Please email me with the sweaters you want, along with your zip code and email address, and I will send you a Paypal invoice with the correct amount.

This sale ends while supplies last, or when I delete this post!

Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Sweater Monday!

I am still clearing out all the sweaters from my shop! Prices are as marked in my shop now. Combine shop sweaters with Sweater Monday sweaters to take advantage of my shipping specials and save even more!
If you want to be added to my email reminder list, just let me know, and you will get an email every time I post a Sweater Monday, as well as access to email only exclusive sales. Ready for the sweaters?

 pic. 1 -Some big 100% wools, $8 each (blue/yellow heathered striped [sold], black with red [sold], green/gray/cream argyle [sold])...

 pic. 2 - Some big 100% wools, $8 each (felted multicolor cardigan [sold], navy/brown/green fair isle [sold], purple/green/tan plaid [sold])...

 pic. 3 -Some lambswools (big gray/charcoal striped [$8], blues argyle [$7], green/pink/cream [$7])...

pic. 4 - some big merinos, $8 each (earthy textured patterned [sold], felted quilt looking pattern [sold],  black/brown/tan fair isle [sold])...

 pic. 5- Some patterned blends (big black/red/purple/turqouise textured 85% wool/14% acrylic [$8] [sold], big rust floral/paisley 70% lambswool/20% angora/10% nylon [$8], earthy greens cardigan 90% merino/10% nylon [$7])...

  pic. 6 - some cashmere (raspberry [$8], pale green cardigan [$8] [sold], big purple cardigan [$10] [sold], big charcoal cardigan [$10])...

   pic. 6 - and a couple of alpacas, gray striped 100% baby alpaca [$10], big black/slate/white 100% alpaca cardigan with eagles/mountains [$10]...


Due to a lack of time, I will not be listing the solid colored wool/wool blend sweaters on Sweater Mondays anymore, only patterned and cashmere sweaters. I will be selling the solid wools/blends in mystery lots in my shop, or specific colors upon request.

 What is Sweater Monday? It is when I show the sweaters that are being added to my inventory. This is an opportunity for anyone to "call dibs" on sweaters they see here that they want to buy.  To "call dibs" or ask any questions, please email me ( If you call dibs, please understand that you are committing to purchase them. Asking questions does not obligate you to buy them, but does not hold the sweaters for you. Pricing for individual sweaters is generally as follows: most patterned wool and wool blend sweaters $7 or $8 each (depending on size and pattern), cashmere $8 for solid colors (patterned, striped, and big mens cashmere $10). All exceptions will be noted. You are welcome to combine orders from Sweater Monday sweaters with sweaters in my shop. Since I seem to get the same questions about Sweater Monday, I will be posting this paragraph on the bottom of each Sweater Monday post.

 For previous Sweater Monday posts, I used to post them on a separate blog, Sweaters of Yore, but that was getting complicated and time consuming. I now have created one post to contain any remaining unsold sweaters from previous Sweater Mondays. I feel like this will be simpler.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweaters still available from prior Sweater Mondays

I figured it would be less complicated to have one post with the sweaters still available from previous Sweater Monday posts, than leaving up old Sweater Monday posts. I will list anything that is left from the prior weeks here, and delete the previous week's post.

Still available....

Pic. 12 - big 100% wool red/black/gray fair isle [$8]...

Pic. 11- pink cashmere [$8] [sold], gray cashmere [$8]...

Pic. 10 - [sold]

Pic. 9 - some striped merinos (big browns [$8], lightly felted navy/white [$7])...

Pic. 8 -  some cashmere (cabled black cardigan, pink [sold], olive, sleeveless pale green [$6] [sold], short sleeved brown [$6])...

 Pic. 7 - [sold]

Pic. 6 - Big lambswool Andy Capp golfing sweater ($10)

Pic. 5 -  big cabled gray cashmere ($10)...

Pic. 4 - [sold]

Pic. 3 -  big cream wool blanket, approximately 66" x 58", $25

 Pic. 2 - small felted gray wool blend blanket, approximately 40" x 40", $12

Pic. 1 - [sold]...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Resweater clearance!

Many things have been, and will be, changing in my life (all for the good :)  ), and in a few months i'll be moving. When I do, I won't have the space or time to run Resweater how I have been. I will no longer be listing anything in my shop, but selling only through my Sweater Monday blog posts (here), and I will only be selling patterned wool and cashmere sweaters. I am liquidating all the sweaters I have currently listed in my shop.

Update: I have updated the prices in my shop. They now reflect the actual clearance prices. Get 'em while they last!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Felted wool handmade purses and more for sale!

I'm doing some paring down before I move, and have tearfully decided I don't really need 300 purses... ok, not 300, but I have way too many ;), so I am offering up some great ones to you!

Buy 2 or more, and take an additional $5 off. Contact me, if you want to purchase 4 or more, and I can give you a better price.

I love the colors on this felted wool bag, and it is simple in design with a big fun button and loop closure. It is in great used condition. Approximately 18" across at top  and 13" high. $15 (shipping is included in price):


This one was custom made for me by Karen Meyers (click on her name to go to her website!). It is recycled wool and corduroy, has 2 large outside pockets, 3 interior pockets (one is zippered),  and is in great used condition. Approximately 15" across at bottom and 11" high. $18 (shipping is included in price):

 These next 2 were handmade by Miss Gina Designs. I bought them through her shop on Artfire, but sadly I can no longer find her shop. This one has a really fun design, 3 interior pockets,  magnetic closure, and is in great used condition. Approximately 16" across at bottom and 8.5" high in the center. $14 (shipping is included in price):


Another Miss Gina Designs bag with a really fun design, 2 interior pockets (plus a pen "pocket"),  and is in great used condition. Approximately 13" across at bottom and 12" high. $14 (shipping is included in price):


 This one I got at a craft show, is felted magenta wool, has 2 exterior pockets, 2 interior pockets, both zipper and magnetic closure, and is in excellent used condition (Only used once, briefly). Approximately 13" across at bottom and 10" high. $10 (shipping is included in price):

 This one is a simple handmade felted gray wool bag with colorful bits woven in, and is in great used condition. Approximately 13" across at bottom and 10" high. $10 (shipping is included in price):

 These next 2 I got at a craft show from some women that make them out of upholstery remnants. This one has 3 exterior pockets, 3 interior pockets, magnetic closure, and is in excellent used condition (Only used once, briefly). Approximately 11" across at bottom and 9.5" high. $10 (shipping is included in price):

This one has 1 exterior pocket, 2 interior pockets, magnetic closure, and is in excellent used condition (Only used twice). Approximately 9" across at bottom and 10" high. $10 (shipping is included in price):


 This vintage (or made to look vintage?) plaid wood handled purse has 1 interior pocket. This purse has a faint washable spot on one side and some pen marks on the interior. Approximately 10" across at bottom and 9" high. $7 (shipping is included in price):


 These next 2 are free with purchase of 2 purses, one free per 2 purse purchased:

Simple khaki purse, zipper closure, 2 interior  pockets, great used condition:

Cute bag, but has some fade/wear. 2 exterior pockets, 1 interior pocket, magnetic closure:


Please email me (resweatercontacts at gmail dot com) if you'd like to purchase any of the purses, or have any questions. Please understand that these are on a first come first serve basis, and I cannot hold them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday - lightweight quilt

I had a few hours of unscheduled time on Saturday, and looked around my house to see what I could get done, got overwhelmed, and started a sewing project instead ;). I did end up getting a lot of housework done eventually, but first I played with my wool :).
My comforters are too warm for the summer, but a sheet just isn't enough, so I decided to make a lightweight merino quilt for the bed. I need 90 8 1/2" squares to make it the size I want, and I cut 44 of them today, so i'm off to a good start. Hopefully I can finish it before it gets cold again, so I can use it this year!

One of the sweaters had perfect cuffs for cozies for my son's water bottle. It is felted, and was the perfect size, so I didn't have to sew a thing, just cut them off and slip them on!

This quilt will be a work in progress for a while, so i'll keep you all updated!

What have you been working on?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Make a super cute n easy sheep pillow!
What could be more fitting than making a sheep out of wool? I found this adorable and easy sheep pillow tutorial, Molly's Sketchbook: Little Lamb Pillows, and made one for my bed.

I cheated on mine, and was too lazy to cut the scallops, so I just cut the general shape of the pattern without them. Though it's not as cute without the scallops, I still like how it turned out, especially with the cabled pattern of the sweater.


I didn't have any stuffing on hand, so I just used the scraps from the sweater I had left over after cutting the body of the sheep. Since I am always looking for my remote controls, I added a couple of pockets to back for them :).

Thanks, Molly, for the super cute tutorial!