Monday, September 27, 2010

Update on my new cleaning system

So I told you all last week that i'd be trying a new system to try to whip my house back into shape without getting overwhelmed. If you didn't see that post, you can read it here. Basically I was going to clean/declutter in each room of my house every day. The first 2 days went great, and I cleaned/decluttered for 10 minutes in each room as planned. The 3rd day I had a lot going on, and was exhausted (my son has not slept past 5:15 am in 2 weeks), so I did nothing. I could have doubled up & did 20 minutes in each room the next day, but that started to sound overwhelming, so I decided to give myself 2 days off a week, 3 if it's a busy week. That relieved the pressure. Well, the end result was good! My house isn't perfect yet, but looks much better than it has in a long time! I was able to get to things I haven't in a long time, like scrubbing the grout of the shower walls, etc. I think i'll stick with this system.

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