Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few random Resweater things... Facebook, Sweater Sunday

As some of you with Facebook pages know, FB has changed a few things. One of the better changes, is that you can "like" other FB pages as your page, meaning that I can now "like" another page as Resweater, instead of Kris (my personal page). When I "like" a page now, I have the option of "featuring" it on my sidebar. They are randomly rotating, now that I have more than 5 pages "liked". If you have a recycled wool related FB page, feel free to leave the link to your page in the comments here, and I will "like" your page as Resweater, and add you to my featured pages. Free advertisement for you!
If you want to do this with your own pages, just "like" a FB page, like Resweater's FB page for example ;), using your page as your identity. Now go back to your page and click on "edit page" (upper right on page), then click on "featured" (on the left), click on "edit featured likes", select any pages you want to be on your page's sidebar (select 5 & they will always be there. Select more than 5, and they will rotate randomly), and click on save.

I'm sure many of my newer readers have questions about Sweater Sunday. I post a brief explanation of SS at the bottom of each SS post, but a reader emailed me with some great questions that I thought I would share, in case others wanted to know:

1. What do you charge for shipping and handling?

I charge by the weight of the sweaters, just like the post office, until you reach my
shipping max. My shipping max is $6 for Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan, and
$10 for all other states. You never pay more than $10 for shipping. It's my way of giving
a "volume discount" to those that are buying multiple sweaters.

2. How does one pay for the goodies? Is it through your shop?

If you are purchasing sweaters only from my shop, you can pay through my shop. If you are
buying sweaters from my shop and Sweater Sunday sweaters, you can check out the sweaters
from my shop without paying, and I will send you an invoice with all of them on it. If
you are only buying Sweater Sunday sweaters, just let me know & I will send you an
invoice. If you are not in a hurry, and want to wait a week or 2 to see what comes in, to
combine shipping, you are welcome to ask me to hold the sweaters for you until you are
ready. Just please be committed to buying the sweaters you ask me to hold them.

3. Can one "order" a sweater from a previous sweater Sunday if it is still

You sure can! Many get listed in my shop if they don't sell that weekend, so you may want
to check my shop first.

4. If I want a sweater but would like to know the size, do I need to call dibs first and
then ask you about the size? Is it okay to change my mind if the size not what I want?

You are always welcome to say specifics, like "I want the green cashmere, as long as
it is a size medium or larger", or "I want the blue lambswool, as long as it's
not a v-neck", etc. That's what a lot of my regulars do. That way you are calling
dibs on it, only if it falls within the terms that you state.

5. Also, I understand that froggable means that the sweater can be unraveled and the yarn
re-used. But I am not sure what the photos you have under the froggables ones mean.

Those are a close up of a knit gauge against the sweaters. I don't knit or crochet myself
(yet), so I don't know the technical terms, but it helps them to see how thick the yarn

Do any of you have any questions about Sweater Sunday that you would like me to answer here?

This Sunday will be a random mix of sweaters, as usual, but after that I am going to try posting them in themes for a while. What would you like to see as the first theme? All cashmere? All merino? All lambswool? All blends? You tell me!


Tina said...

I would love to see all cashmere. I am loving cashmere lately.

That is really cool about the fb thing. Glad they finally changed that. Helps keep the business and personal separate.

~Heather said...

Is there any way for you to put a search box on your blog? Your projects are so fun to do!

Resweater said...

Heather, There is a search box in the top left corner, next to the Blogger symbol. I think it only searches words that i've tagged though, so using more general terms will get you more results.

Allison said...

Here is my Facebook page.

I love working with recycled wool (and cashmere).


Resweater said...

Allison, you are one of the featured now!

turnupgreen or t.u.g.. said...

Love your blog, I've had your facebook page "liked" for quite awhile, well, since you found me onetime. Here is my link:

Hope I did this right!

Resweater said...

Gail, you are one of the featured now! :)