Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Tutorial Tuesday! felt "paper" dolls and playsets

Today's "tutorial" is less of a how-to, and more of a concept. Felt dolls & playsets are great! They are fun to play with, take up little room, utilize scraps, can be made for a child, and can be made by a child. You can cut out a basic shape ...

and with a few embellishments have a little elfish girl ready to have a snowball fight! Had I cut out the boy shape, I could have used the same dress in another color as a super hero cape!

A simple gray rectangle with a few brown circles becomes a tray of cookies. Add some squares & rectangles to a basic house shape for windows & doors. A big black O becomes a race track, and simple shapes for anything can be found online, that you can trace by holding a piece of printer paper against your computer monitor. Basic patterns can be found everywhere. The doll pattern I used above was from some Martha Stewart doll templates here.
Cover a board with felt for a play board, and the felt pieces will "stick" to it. Have fun with it! If they are old enough, give your kids some scissors and your scraps, and let them use their imaginations! Make a play set for your kids for Christmas. Customize it for them... if they like dinosaurs, make felt dinosaurs. If they like butterflies, make felt butterflies. It will be cheap, from the heart, and your kids will love it!

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