Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday

That quilt I blogged about yesterday took up most of my week's sewing time, but I managed to get sidetracked and make a couple of other things. I hate most store bought dog beds. They fall apart if you look at them cross eyed, and they always seem to be made from something synthetic & uncomfortable looking. When I found a crib bumper at the thrift store for around 50 cents, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Spots loves a good "nest" (she'll paw at a blanket to create a nest, unless she has a dog bed with sides). She was very happy with her new nest!

It took me less than 5 minutes to sew the bumper to the pillow, the whole thing cost under $1 in materials, and is sturdier than any dog bed that I have bought. The colors were just what I had on hand, but doesn't it look like a big egg?

I made a couple of fitted tablecloths too. My son wanted me to make a tablecloth for his table, so I made matching ones for both tables. I bought this fabric (a big rectangular tablecloth) a couple of weeks ago at an indoor garage sale for $2. The elastic I used came from a gallon sized ziplock bag packed with notions that I bought at a sale last year for $1. Not only was there enough material to make both tablecloths, but there's more left over, so each fitted tablecloth cost me less than $1 in materials. I made both tablecloths in about 20 minutes, so they didn't "cost" me much in time either. I love repurposing! I LOVE this fabric too... the pretty cheerful colors... the kitchy roosters. It's just me :). I don't know why my camera wasn't able to pick up the colors of this fabric, but it is so much more vibrant in person, and not washed out at all!

Just so this post contains something made from recycled wool, and so you don't think I abandoned the braided basket, here it is... still in progress.

I will eventually finish it.

So, what have you been working on?


janeisgreen said...

Wonderful, frugal repurposing! Love the tablecloths! I found a gorgeous 100% Scottish wool long blue plaid kilt yesterday. (Think I'll wear it rather than cut if up.)

Amy - while wearing heels said...

I have a nest maker too. I must bow down to you for your brilliance again this week. I never would have thought to use a bumper to create a dog bed. Genius.

Resweater said...

Thanks! Good find, Janie!

Thanks, Amy! I may not be talented, but I am creative!

concretenprimroses said...

Fabulous stuff. I'm so glad to see ;your dog bed because I've been thinking of something for the couch that has sides, but couldn't quite conceive. Bumpers would help me make a 3 sided couch bed.

Resweater said...

I'm glad I could help!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Will you be having anymore froggable sweater lots? /hopeful look

Resweater said...

Monty Q, Sorry for the delay in response... I just saw this. I won't be doing any mystery lots soon, but there are plenty of froggables in my shop, and there will be some in my Sweater Monday post later today as well.

Anonymous said...

Love the dog bed. It DOES look like an egg, which makes it even more fun. Thanks for the idea.