Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - wool throw blanket to hooded poncho

I have to start this by apologizing for the horrible pictures. Not only am I the least photogenic human on earth (seriously, i'm not just being modest... people that love me have agreed with me), but the pictures just did not want to turn out today. My camera is crabby.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, I apologize now for not having a starting point with the blanket, and this is more of an instruction than a tutorial, since I wasn't able to document each step well. I started to do something else with the blanket originally & it didn't work out, so here is where we will begin. Take your felted wool throw blanket (if it is not felted, it will unravel) and cut a rounded diamond shaped hole in the middle, and cut a slit all the way down where your front will be.

create a hood by using an existing hood as a template. I only had a small felted hood to work with, but I just wanted the general shape and made mine bigger.

I then sewed it to the neck of the blanket/soon-to-be-ponch0.

Now take a scarf...

... and fold the width in half, not the length, and sew it to your hood, sewing down past the hood until you have the whole scarf sewn to the poncho. The scarf becomes the edge of the hood, as well as the "lapel" of the poncho. I think the longer the better on the scarf too.

Now you have a hooded poncho! You can drape it the way you want & secure it with a brooch, or leave it loose the way it is. I promise that it looks much better in real life!


victoria said...

I love it! no need to apologize!
I have a blanket already cut, waiting to become a poncho, so now it will have a hood. I just need a scarf, or some other improvisation, hmm...

Posy Palettes said...

Great tutorial. Now I know what to do with a hood leftover from another project!

Donna said...

Very nice! You've given me the inspiration to make this the summer I learn to enjoy garage sales 8-)

Tina said...

That is a great idea. I am excited to start garage saleing, so I will be on the look out for a few wool blankets.

Ptoe - you know. said...

I think you're adorable and so are your projects!! Great idea!

Dusty said...

once again, another great idea from a great woman!

Andrea said...

Even though it's nearly 100 degrees in my part of the country, I'm already looking forward to fall/winter clothes. Your poncho is wonderful and was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much:) And I agree a previous commenter, both you and your projects are adorable!

Calamity Janie said...

I came across this pattern while trying to decide what to do with an old wool blanket. I cut a hood from an old sweatshirt, but it is bigger from the center out to the edge of the "diamond" (shoulder) than your picture shows. Do I cut the hood to fit the space (shoulder to shoulder) or do I just let it hang and put a hem on it? Thanks! I'm a big fan of your site and have ordered many sweaters from you, by the way!

Resweater said...

Hi Calamity Jane,
If I understand correctly what you are asking, I would probably cut the hood to fit the space.

Teri Rawn said...

Just joined - you look great and I love the what you did to make the hooded poncho.

Resweater said...

Thanks, Teri! Welcome to Resweater!

Treasa Chetwood said...

Found this from Pinterest, and oh my goodness! Your design is beautiful! I modified it a little for working with a 60" x 80" wool army blanket and flannel fabric, and it turned out perfectly. Thank you so much!

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Anonymous said...

Did you neaten the fronts of the blanket past where the scarf finishes- unable to tell from directions or image

woollymammothwoolencompany said...

What an absolutely fantastic way to make a boring fireproof blanket . into something new and exciting....I love it!