Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter egg hunt sweater giveaway & sale!

Want to go on an Easter egg hunt for sweaters? I have picked 25 sweaters at random that will be free if anyone buys them from my shop between now and Monday, 4/9/12 at 3pm central time. Simply place your order, like normal, and if any of the sweaters in your order are one or more of the 25 sweaters, I will refund you your money for those sweaters!

To save even more, use coupon code "Easter" at checkout to get 50 cents off of each sweater you buy between now & Monday, 4/9/12 at 3pm central time!

ETA: Someone has already found one of the "eggs" (an aqua cashmere cardigan)! There's still 24 "eggs" left!

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