Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday!

I have been working on the camper every spare minute. Jack has nature camp for a couple of hours in the morning this week, so I have been able to get a lot of sewing in. I have completed the curtains, and have made covers for the bunk beds. I had enough of the curtain fabric to make a pillowcase for Jack's pillow. These pictures do not do the colors justice! They look so much better in real life. The orange isn't as dark in real life, and the colors of the curtain fabric are brighter, and not as washed out looking.

The curtains are not uneven... I put a panel from the other window up by accident. All the panels are on the correct windows now, but i'm too lazy to retake pictures ;).

Here's a closer look at the fabric:

Now to get all the other cushions made!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's What I've Been Working On Wednesday!

While I was on my hiatus, I bought a little Scamp travel trailer (virtual tour here). I have a feeling that the next few What I've Been Working on Wednesday posts will be all about the things I will be making for it, like a recycled wool throw pillow...

It turned out a little wonky, but it'll be fine for the camper.

I was lucky to find this great fabric at a local garage sale.

It was perfect for making a fitted tablecloth for the camper table!

I bought a lot of it, so I made a fitted tablecloth for our kitchen table too.

The material for the camper curtains is on it's way, and I can't wait to make them!