Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's What i've been working on Wednesday!

I found this skirt at the thrift store, and fell in love with it, but it was a size 0. I frowned, and put it back on the rack, but then the lightbulb went off, and it went back in my cart. I resized it, by cutting off the waistband, and adding a soft, stretchy, lightly felted merino wool waistband. Now it's a size *cough* *cough*! It's very flattering on, but since I haven't shaved my legs since about October (sorry if that's tmi!), this is all I can show you right now ;).

I also wanted more fitted tablecloths, so I made 2 more this week...

I have been working hard on something else, but I don't want to show it until I am done with it. I am hoping to be done next week!

So, what have you been working on?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Tutorial Tuesday!

Today's topic is more of a concept than a tutorial. Use felted wool on the bottom of things you want to slide on a hardwood surface! Up until now, we were putting our newspapers in the log rack:

It doesn't look nice. I know there's worse (a lot worse!) looking messes in my house that I could have fixated on, but I felt like I had to move the papers out of there every time we had a fire, or go through them & recycle them when company came over, and I hate moving things around. I like everything to have a place, and if it doesn't, I want to create a place. In the basket under the table was a good place, but the basket would scratch the floor if we slid it.

The solution? I just cut a piece of wool to size, squeezed some wood glue on the wool piece, placed the basket on top of the wool piece, added some heavy books to the basket to weigh it down while drying, and I was done! The bonus was that I got to use a moth hole ridden piece of wool that I had previously not known what to do with.

Now the basket easily slides, and won't scratch the floor! You can do this with anything you want to be easily moveable & scratch free... bottom of planter saucers, under bed containers, etc. I have heard from some of my readers that they use small pieces on the bottom of table & chair legs.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My new [to me] sewing machine!

I posted way back in December, asking for advice on what machine to get. There were a lot of responses for old Vikings, and I liked the looks of them, so I started looking. While I was looking, I found an old White machine at the thrift store for $12.50, and decided it was fate, when I plugged it in at the store and it worked. I brought it home, plugged it in, and ... nothing. It didn't work at all. My local repair guy, Joe (if you are local to Geneva, Il., I highly recommend the Creative Sewing Center), said it probably wasn't worth fixing :(.
I went back to looking for vikings, and finally found one! The woman was so nice, and wanted to just trade machines, her Viking for my cheap Brother, because she said she just wanted a more basic machine. I insisted on paying her for the Viking, but let her take $10 off for the Brother. It was a bit gummed up, and hadn't been used for many years, so off to Joe it went. I just got it back yesterday, and it's fabulous! It works great, and though it took me a bit to understand it, I was able to figure it out without a manual. It's a...

and has all it's cams (various stitches I can do with it)...

I played around with it, and love the fun stitches! Here's some of them. I just love the little hearts!

Now to get sewing!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Feature Friday! Refashion co-op

Yep, more knee patches! This is the first pair of jeans, that I bought new, that my son has put knee holes in. All the previous holey knees were from thrifted jeans, whose knees were already faded and on borrowed time. Hopefully this is not an indication of how things are going to be from now on... I can only patch them so fast ;) ! I asked my son what he wanted for this pair, and he said "stars... like on GI Joe stuff". Army green stars it is!

Here's the jeans, before and after....

and a close up of one of the knees, before and after...

It'll look cooler after they get washed a couple more times, and the stars get fringier.

What does this have to do with Feature Friday? Well, I occasionally blog for a coop blog, Refashion Co-op, and I blogged about this pair of jeans there. It is a great blog, devoted to upcycling clothes, with many different contributors. There are so many great ideas on there, and I highly recommend checking it out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday!

My coffee was getting cold before I could drink it all. What's the solution? Mug cozy! Wool is a great insulator! This took me an embarrassingly long time to make, but I am really happy with the results. I used the zipper from a sweater to make the top edge. I not only like the way it looks, but it adds a "lip" on the top, so the mug can't slip through my hand, and it also keeps the top from getting stretched out.

A little bit of elastic, and a big button, ensures a snug fit. Not too exciting, but definitely useful!

So, What have you been working on?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Felt piggy bank

Amy, over at While Wearing Heels, did it again! She came up with yet another brilliant & adorable tutorial! Aren't those little felt piggy banks just so darn cute?! I decided to make one for my son's Easter basket, to slip a dollar in. Since my niece has a pet pig that is gray, I made mine gray fair isle. I was amazed at how easy & quick (I sewed mine by machine, because i'm lazy), and easy this tutorial was. Amy used craft felt for hers, but I of course, used sweater felt. Thanks again, Amy! For the full tutorial, click here to be magically transported there!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blends Challenge #2: The Results!

I apologize for taking so long with the results... it's been a busy week! Ready for some results?

Contestant #1 - funky patterned hoodie - 60% wools
Before & after:

Definitely felted some! I'm glad, because this one has great stripes & patterns.

Contestant #2- scenery patterned - 60% wools
Before & after:

This one did not felt, which surprised me. Maybe another run through a hot wash would do it, but no dice on this round!

Contestant #3 - cream fair isle - 63% wools
Before & after:


Contestant #4 - yellow cabled - 65% wools
Before & after:


Contestant #5 - pretty green & white stripes - 60% wools
Before & after:

Felted! I love how soft & dense this one is! Would make some great slippers!

Contestant #6 - lovely lavender - 65% wools


Contestant #7- patterned mohair - 51% wools
Before & after:

Didn't felt :(. I can't say I was surprised on this one.

Contestant #8- light green - 65% wools
Before & after:


Contestant #9 - bright turquoise - 55% wools
Before & after:


Contestant #10- tan with chest stripes - 52% wools
Before & after:

This one was already lightly felted when I started, and it felted a little bit more.

So 8 out of 10 felted... not bad! I'm going to give those other 2 another chance to felt, the next time I hot wash a batch of sweaters.