Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I've Been Working on Wednesday ... part 2 on Thursday

Totally forgot to post about my skirt yesterday! There was a felted merino cardigan in with the new sweaters a couple of weeks ago, and it kept telling me it wanted to be a skirt! I just cut across under the arms, sewed the cardigan opening closed, narrowed it a bit at the top, and made a waist band (making the back wider, than than the front, so it doesn't ride up on my rear) from the arms. Now I have a cute cozy bum warming skirt! This skirt with leggings is warmer than jeans, and cute with boots to boot! Since taking the above picture (my 6 year old was my photographer :) ), I have seam ripped the bottom 4 inches of the stitching I put in to keep the cardigan closed. It lays & moves better now, and still stays closed. I love the rolled original hem, and little belts... it made for some great detail in the skirt.


Alison said...

I love your skirt! Wishing I had a similar cardi in my felted stuff box!

Resweater said...

Alison, you could make something similar by using the waist ribbing on a sweater as the "cardigan" opening. I think that would look cute, and you could even add buttons. Hmmm... I feel a tutorial coming on! :)

Dena and Adrianna said...

So cute! Your little guy is a pretty awesome photographer too. :)

Molli Mc G said...

Very cute!