Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recycled wool pattern week - Tall Oaks Creations

Ok, I know i've said it a million times, but i'll say it again... it is never too early to start Christmas projects! Who wants to be stressed & rushed through the holidays? Need an idea? How about recycled wool mittens? Tall Oaks Creations Artfire studio offers a mitten pattern for recycled sweaters. Who wouldn't love a pair of homemade mittens for Christmas?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where do you put all those sweaters?!

... That's the question I get asked most, but there's always more questions... How do you store them? How do you organize them? How do you keep moths away? What do you store them in? Today I answer them!

"Where do you put all those sweaters?" Here is Resweater! It was hard to get it all in one picture. We recently had to do a lot of work to the basement where they are kept, so that is why the floor is partial tile, and partial cement. The sweaters were relocated upstairs during the construction and cleanup, but now they are back. The basement is cool & dry... the perfect place to store them.

This shelf with the colored bins holds my personal stash (I only allow myself one bin, or i'd get way out of control!), and the sweaters that are not listed yet. Yes, in addition to all the sweaters in my shop I have 5 more bins!

The sweaters on these 2 shelving units are all listed in my shop.

"How do you organize them?" I label & organize them by fiber content, though I do keep the "lots" separate. I am able to put together my orders very quickly this way. I haven't organized the non-listed sweaters, other than giving them their own shelf & bins, but i'd like to sort them somehow.

"How do you keep moths away?" I, *knocking on wood*, have never had any moths around the sweaters. Moths locate wool by scent. Cedar, lavender, and some other natural oils mask the smell, so they can't find it. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar & lavender essential oils, and mist the bins periodically. The vinegar kills any germs that might be around, repels insects (we don't have any insects, but I like to be proactive!), and keeps the spray bottle from becoming clogged. The vinegar smell disappears the minute it dries, but the nice lavender smell remains.

"What do you store them in? " I store them in regular plastic totes. I am sure there are better ways to store wool for long term storage, but the sweaters have a high turn around, and I take the sweaters out & wash the bins periodically.

Any questions? :) Please feel free to post any suggestions, comment, or questions!

Recycled wool pattern week - Home Made Originals

Some people like to frog wool sweaters (reclaim the yarn), so I don't want to make the froggers/knitters feel left out. Here's an awesome pattern for those who frog & knit... cabled neck warmers! A perfect Mother's Day or Christmas present from the heart. I love them so much I ordered one myself! You can check out the progress on her blog! I bought the neck warmer, and not the pattern because I can't knit, but if you do knit, the pattern is a bargain! You can find this pattern in Etsy shop Home Made Originals.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recycled wool patterns week - Dulces Creations

You know how expensive wool rugs can be, and it's hard to find a cool looking rug made from recycled materials that doesn't cost a fortune (after all... they have to get paid for their time). You can make this super cool rug yourself from recycled wool using this pattern! According to the description you can actually make these rugs while watching tv! Make a conversation piece for your home, while watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie when your kids are napping... how cool is that? :) You can find the e-pattern for a bargain price in Etsy shop Dulces Creations.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recycled wool pattern week - Lucy's Locket

This week's wooly fun theme is recycled wool patterns! This is it... the opportunity to make some of these goodies that you've been admiring, but afraid to attempt on your own! Mother's Day is right around the corner.... the perfect time to WOW your mother with something cool that you made yourself, didn't spend a fortune on, and made a green difference (recycled material, buying from hardworking small business, using natural materials). This first pattern would make a fabulous Mother's Day gift! If you have no idea where to get wool sweaters for these projects I know this really cool chick that sells them in her Artfire shop ;)

I have featured my friend Lucy's fabulous critters before. She makes amazing animal pincushions that are even more fabulous in person. I know because I have one of her adorable squirrels and love it! What I am featuring today is her pattern, so you can make one of these critters yourself! She currently is offering her fabulous Sleeping Kitty E-Pattern in her Etsy shop, Lucy's Locket, but I heard rumors that there will be a sheep one soon too! Woolina is excited!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recycled wool dolls & animals week - Tarasartcamp

This next artist, Etsy shop Tarasartcamp, was featured in a magazine for her recycled wool dolls! They are all works of art. If you like these dolls, I highly recommend you check out her blog, A Speckle of Twisted Whimsy. She also has a shop on Windlewood, a site I have not heard of yet, so it was fun to check out a new venue.

Recycled wool dolls & animals week - Kimmymade

I wish I would have done a bunny week before Easter, so I could have featured Etsy shop Kimmymade's adorable bunnies. They are too cute... happy & awake on one side, but flip them over & they're asleep!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Recycled wool dolls & animals week - Art and Craft of Mimi Kirchner

These dolls are incredible, and it's so great to know they are made from recycled wool! I never really mentioned Earth Day this week, because every day is earth day for me. I may not be as crunchy as granola yet, but I strive to become greener as I go. It's artists like these, and all that I feature, that make art & useful things out of unwanted, discarded things that warm my heart!
You can find more wooly treasures like these in Mimi Kirchner's Etsy shop, mck254.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycled wool dolls & animals week - various artists

We have had SO many great recycled wool creatures visit us in the past, that today I thought it would be nice to revisit them!

Pogos, by Etsy shop Pogoshop:

Adorable patchwork creatures, by Etsy shop Cocoon Designs :

Stuff I have made for my son:

Sock monkey, socktopi, and more in Blackbirdfashion's Etsy shop:

Adorable bears from Etsy shop ShopMoeMoe:

Cute colorful critters from Etsy shop Freedom Rainbow:

Kitties & cashmere babies from Etsy shop Sweet Poppy Cat:

Lala & Gleen's funky Funny Bunnies:

Whew! I think that's all of them.

As always, click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.