Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm sneaking in blankets just for today - kimmikcrochet

Ok, I know this is recycled wool covers n' cozies week, but I missed this artist during recycled wool quilt week. Can we just call them people covers or people cozies? I love, love, love, love these blankets! They are stunning, made from recycled sweaters, and the artist hand crochets all the edges... 20 hours for just for the crocheting. Wow. You can check them out yourself in her Artfire shop, or Etsy shop.
On a side note... if you are ever buying from an artist that has an Artfire & Etsy shops, I highly recommend buying from the Artfire shop, so the Artist does not have to pay fees.


Archie and Melissa said...

wow kris!

these are amazing!

thank you for the link!

:) melissa

foxaz said...

just gorgeous! I just discovered your shop and your blog- amazing!
I'm very happy I found you!