Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where do you put all those sweaters?!

... That's the question I get asked most, but there's always more questions... How do you store them? How do you organize them? How do you keep moths away? What do you store them in? Today I answer them!

"Where do you put all those sweaters?" Here is Resweater! It was hard to get it all in one picture. We recently had to do a lot of work to the basement where they are kept, so that is why the floor is partial tile, and partial cement. The sweaters were relocated upstairs during the construction and cleanup, but now they are back. The basement is cool & dry... the perfect place to store them.

This shelf with the colored bins holds my personal stash (I only allow myself one bin, or i'd get way out of control!), and the sweaters that are not listed yet. Yes, in addition to all the sweaters in my shop I have 5 more bins!

The sweaters on these 2 shelving units are all listed in my shop.

"How do you organize them?" I label & organize them by fiber content, though I do keep the "lots" separate. I am able to put together my orders very quickly this way. I haven't organized the non-listed sweaters, other than giving them their own shelf & bins, but i'd like to sort them somehow.

"How do you keep moths away?" I, *knocking on wood*, have never had any moths around the sweaters. Moths locate wool by scent. Cedar, lavender, and some other natural oils mask the smell, so they can't find it. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar & lavender essential oils, and mist the bins periodically. The vinegar kills any germs that might be around, repels insects (we don't have any insects, but I like to be proactive!), and keeps the spray bottle from becoming clogged. The vinegar smell disappears the minute it dries, but the nice lavender smell remains.

"What do you store them in? " I store them in regular plastic totes. I am sure there are better ways to store wool for long term storage, but the sweaters have a high turn around, and I take the sweaters out & wash the bins periodically.

Any questions? :) Please feel free to post any suggestions, comment, or questions!


backhomeagain said...

That's some impressive organizing Resweater. You would laugh out loud, if you saw my many boxes of fabric that ARE NOT organized. Someday....

McIrish Annie said...

you are quite organized! I was wondering if you know of anyone who sells reclaimed,recycled wool from jackets, skirts or coats. I would love to get my hands on some!

Resweater said...

I can get that for you :) I have never been asked, so I never stocked it, but I will now. I do have a plaid wool skirt in my shop right now, but I will see what else I can come up with this weekend for you. Are you more looking for thin wool suit material, or thick wool coats?

Pure Essential Oils said...

Great Stuff! I especially enjoyed how you use Essential Oils with Vinegar as a Disinfectant!
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Victoria Velting said...

Thanks for the insider view!

Mrs. Henry said...

Fabulous organization!!! I should learn something from you! here's my current sweater storage method:

Resweater said...

Too cute! It reminds me of this:
My son would ask me to pile up the sweaters for him to play in :)