Monday, April 27, 2009

Recycled wool pattern week - Lucy's Locket

This week's wooly fun theme is recycled wool patterns! This is it... the opportunity to make some of these goodies that you've been admiring, but afraid to attempt on your own! Mother's Day is right around the corner.... the perfect time to WOW your mother with something cool that you made yourself, didn't spend a fortune on, and made a green difference (recycled material, buying from hardworking small business, using natural materials). This first pattern would make a fabulous Mother's Day gift! If you have no idea where to get wool sweaters for these projects I know this really cool chick that sells them in her Artfire shop ;)

I have featured my friend Lucy's fabulous critters before. She makes amazing animal pincushions that are even more fabulous in person. I know because I have one of her adorable squirrels and love it! What I am featuring today is her pattern, so you can make one of these critters yourself! She currently is offering her fabulous Sleeping Kitty E-Pattern in her Etsy shop, Lucy's Locket, but I heard rumors that there will be a sheep one soon too! Woolina is excited!

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