Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Make a recycled wool leaf scarf!

Now that fall is here, I can't think of a better tutorial to post than this one! This great tutorial comes from Kathleen's great blog, Refashionology. To be magically transported to Kathleen's tutorial, click here!


Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS!! Thanks to you for sharing it and thanks to the tutorial author for creating it!
Emily McE-F

Refashionology said...

Hi Kris!
Thank you so much for featuring my leaf scarf tutorial! I love your blog, and can't believe I haven't run across it before. I'm enjoying browsing through all your great posts.
Thanks again! ~Kathleen :)

Resweater said...

Kathleen, it's a pleasure! That scarf is fabulous! Thanks again!