Monday, October 13, 2008

Wool soakers & longies - diaper cloth covers

Some people knit them, some use wool interlock, but some make them with recycled wool! When I started using cloth diapers on my son, I used the type with the waterproof fabric on the outside, but learned my son runs too hot & his skin is too sensitive for any kind of plastic at all. What I then discovered were the wonders of wool. He now has a variety of soft, breathable, comfy wool soakers & longies & loves his "woolie pants"!
Fluff-A-Rump makes some fantastic & unique soakers & longies. One example is the patchwork soaker pictured. Amazing that that came from sweaters, eh?
More of her great stuff can be found in her Etsy store:


The longies pictured are adorable ... also recycled wool! These are from Kaboogie, who makes wool shoes as well... but those will be in the next entry :) More of Kaboogie's cute things can be found in her Etsy shop:

Kaboogie Shoes

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