Monday, November 24, 2008

More on Pogos

My entry on Pogos, 2 entries ago, has been nagging at me since I clicked on "publish post". I covered the physical creature itself, but did not touch upon the wonderful story telling that goes along with them. Storytelling is a lost art that I found again in Pogoshop. Reading her little tales, made me smile and even laugh out loud :)

"A recent visitor tried to teach some of the pogos to play football. Well, that was just disaster - much like herding cats. They all wanted their own footballs and found plenty of hickory nuts for that. They ran in every direction kicking any footballs that they saw. They just couldn't grasp the ideas of rules or scores or game plans. Some sat down and started eating the footballs.
But now, what did catch on were the uniforms. They just love the jerseys. They all agreed that being a mascot with a cool uniform was a job that they could do."

"Spencer is such a friendly little pogo. He always wants to play, always wants to share, and is generally pretty hard to say no to. So have an answer ready when he wants to give you some of his acorn stash. Trust me, acorns are nasty."

"Max is full of energy. If you want to spend time with him, you may have to climb a tree."

"Jonah has been looking for hickory nuts to store for the winter. Each time he discovers that the squirrels have feasted on them first, he gets so disappointed. But he's a persistent little guy and he keeps on searching."

"There's nothing little Ernie likes better than rolling in the fall leaves. Sometimes he hides in a pile of leaves and pops out to surprise his friends. Do be careful when you're raking leaves if Ernie comes to live with you!"

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