Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's sweater Sunday!

I didn't sweater as hard as usual today, due to sinuses (can't think when i'm all clogged up!), but still managed to pick up a few goodies ;) Here's the haul!

I got a few cashmere goodies, a red, raspberry, gray, dark green, sleeveless spring green, and a nice pale mint green cardigan with flowers made of beads.

My favorite find was a short sleeved pale blue 100% angora (SO soft!) with holes. It will be a bunny for my son for Easter... or maybe a bunny monster!


Mrs. Henry said...

oh squeal! i'm so delighted to find your blog! i love a fellow recycled wool enthusiast :)
thanks for finding me!
i'll be contributing regularly and linking to you from my blog.

Resweater said...

Thank you! It's so much fun finding cool recycled wool stuff, & I love that there's people that enjoy my blog :)