Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fox Island Fancywork, hats!

Fall is coming (yay, my favorite time of year!), and you will need something warm to cover your head. Check out Fox Island Fancyworks Etsy shop's fabulous hats! These will keep your ears warm, while you get admiring glances and endless compliments. They are all beautiful!


Robin Love Lehr said...

I so want one of your hats. Love them!!! Only saw 2 in your easy shop. Do you have more? Would also be interested in your cuff fabric cuz I make mittens from wool sweaters. Thanks! Robin Love Lehr

Resweater said...

Hi Robin, I just featured Margaret's Etsy shop on my blog here, so she might not read your comment. You will need to contact her through her Etsy shop (there's a clickable link in this blog post).