Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recycled wool log carrier/ log rack liner

I had a custom order placed a few weeks ago... by my husband ;) Apparently, the log carrier that I got in the free box at a rummage sale 5 years ago has had it. What do you think?

I decided to make a new one :) Since wool is the only naturally fire retardant material, there was no other choice in my mind. Sweaters, even felted, are a bit too stretchy, so I used a couple of wool skirts (suit material). Since the old one is out of commission, I used it as a pattern, and reused the handles. Had I not had them, thick dowel rods would have worked as well. Since I didn't have enough from one skirt to do the whole thing, I used 2 different skirts, and I actually like how that looks better. It looks a bit wonky in the pics, but it really isn't.

Great for carrying logs...

and a great liner for your log rack too!


Mrs. Small House said...

brilliant! I love it!

Christina AKA SuperMom said...

Awesome i'm loving it!

kendra said...

so smart!

Little Yancey Family said...

A log carrier, hmm why didn't I think of that? We sure could use one! I guess I'll have to try my skills.

Lora said...

So what did you charge your husband for the custom order?

Great idea!

Unknown said...

looks good! I think I should make one, but need a great log rack like that to put it in!

Resweater said...

Thanks, everyone! :)

Lora, He paid me in services... he's been washing the dishes all week ;)

Victoria, I was lucky enough to get that wrought iron log rack at a thrift store.

Unknown said...

HIO Firewood Log Racks from Bizarkdeal

This is a great firewood cart. Will try to go over everything I can think of.

The cart arrived in decent sized box, but required very little work to assemble. There were 7 big pieces and a few screws. There was a simple instruction manual, but you really didn't need it since it was so obvious how to put it together. Setup toko ~5 minutes for me, probably could have done in less, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect.

The cart is made of pipes that are of really strong metal. The wheels were thick and filled with air, though you can add more if you need to(maybe after using it a while) The cart seemed like ti could easily hold a lot of weight, but I have no way to knowing the exact amount.

No complaints for me here. The size seemed perfect to hold a bunch of small logs are a few large ones. Obviously, length of the log could be a problem, but with this cart, you can definitely hold it as long as nothing gets in your way.

Overall, very happy so far with the purchase. No real complaints so far after basic usage.