Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Feature Friday - A blog you will love... The Sweater Project

If you like my blog, then you will love Janda's blog, The Sweater Project! What is her blog about?

"My goal is to create a project every day for 365 days, the inspiration being from Noah Scalin who wrote the book, 365:Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life. My downfall has been to think/overthink the projects I want to make, but never getting to them because of my perfectionistic tendencies. I am now past the 50-Day mark, and this has brought a new vigor to me in many ways. Now I am hooked on the process and look forward to each day to create something fresh and new. Happiness abounds!" -from The Sweater Project

I've been happily following her blog, and don't know why it hasn't occurred to me to post this sooner! What kind of projects will you find on her blog? A little bit of this...

a little bit of that...

but all of it is woolly fun!

1 comment:

Janda said...

Dear Kris!
Thank you so much for blogging about The Sweater Project! You are a dear heart! Love the photos you chose and am so happy to have more great people visiting my blog today. I have smiles all over.
The best to you!