Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Resweater customers, please read!

As you know, my shop is on Artfire. Arfire has made some changes, mostly minor, like the general look of my shop, but there is a big change that will greatly affect my shop, and how I do things. As you may know I have a shipping max of $6 for orders going to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan, and $10 for all other states. Since there is no way to set up my shop to stop adding shipping after $10, you have had 2 choices up until now: 1. "check out" through Artfire without paying, email me, and I would send a revised invoice, or 2. pay the full amount, and I would refund the shipping difference (ie: shipping totals $25 in my shop, you pay that, then I send you a refund for $15 for the difference in shipping). Artfire just changed the ability to check out through them without paying. Now you have to pay for your order at the time of ordering, or the sweaters will remain in my shop. I am in contact with Artfire, hoping for a better solution, but it looks like from now on, you will need to pay for the order, with full shipping amount, and wait for me to refund the shipping difference (I will do so asap). The only other option is to email me with what you want in your order, and I manually remove the sweaters from my shop and send a correct invoice. The problems with that, is that it is obviously much more time consuming for the both of us, and you run the risk of someone purchasing the sweaters you want before I am able to read your email & mark the sweaters sold. Any suggestions? Is everyone comfortable with paying the full order amount & being refunded the difference right away, & I am worrying too much about this, or is this a valid problem for some of you?


NeedlesAndKims said...

Don't worry about it, Kris. It's one of those things that doesn't make sense but there's nothing that can be done about it. You're so responsible that if I order from you, I know I will get the shipping refund as soon as you can take care of it. Maybe people will be buy more sweaters on Sweater Sunday and it will be easier all the way around. :)

ngford said...

I am all for whatever is easiest for you, Kris. Like NeedlesAndKims said you are soo responsible about our orders that I won't worry about how soon I get my refund back, I know you're always on top of things!!

Resweater said...

Thank you both!