Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Make an insulated water bottle cozy!

Did you know that wool is naturally insulated & moisture wicking? That's what makes recycled wool an excellent choice for water bottle cozies! Your water will stay cold, but your hands will stay warm. The texture of the wool helps you keep a better grip on your water bottle, and the condensation will be wicked away, so you won't be left with a soggy cozy. We've been using recycled wool cozies on out steel water bottles for a long time now, and can't live without them! Ready for the super easy tutorial?

Take a felted (not too felted, so there is a bit of stretch left to it) wool sweater sleeve, and place it on your bottle, to determine how long you want it to be. Mark it, take it off the bottom, and cut straight across. Don't follow the pattern of the sweater when you cut (if you are using a patterned sweater), because the patterns can run at a slight angle. Then cut a circle that is the same circumference as the bottom of your cut sweater sleeve bottom.

Now turn your sleeve part inside out, and place the circle on the cut end, wrong side out.

Now sew the circle to the sleeve.

It should look something like this when you are done...

Now flip it right side out, and you are done!

Now we are ready for summer!

P.s. These are washable too! I've washed my son's cozies a dozen times. Just wash on cold, so they don't felt further. I just threw them in cold cycles in the washer, but if you want to be extra careful, just hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.


Molly said...

And darn cute too! I never thought to give it a bottom. Much better than just a sleeve.

Resweater said...

Thanks! I like the bottom, because it gives it extra insulation, and prevents it from sliding up & down. It also prevents any condensation from coming out the bottom and leaving a ring on the table.

Unknown said...

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TracyKM said...

Yesterday at Canada Day festivities, the kids had me jamming their water bottles into my purse. So today, I sat down and have sewn up two holders, just sort of cobbled together something, with a casing for a strap. Do you suppose you could think about adding straps to your pattern? I like using the ribbing for the top, though my sweater didn't have ribbing.

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