Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wool & cashmere diaper covers for sale... cheap!

[all are sold]

It's an I need a new transmission sale ;)! Need any diaper covers? Since I won't be doing shows anymore, I need to liquidate my inventory. These are all $8 or less! There are a couple that I would consider "seconds" (a seam doesn't line up perfectly, etc.), but are all fully functional.

If you want to purchase any, please email me (krisnstevep@netzero.com) tell me which #/#'s you want, your zip code to calculate shipping, and an email address to send the invoice to. I'm sorry, but I will only be shipping within the US on these. Shipping will be actual shipping, rounded up to the nearest dollar (the difference will help cover my Paypal fees), and you are welcome to combine shipping with sweater orders. I will be selling them on a first come, first serve, basis, so please understand that asking a question will not hold them for you. I will mark them sold, as soon as they are spoken for.

The bodies of the soakers (not the longies) were based off of Katrina's soaker pattern. The waists & legs are my own in most of them. Please size up, or ask for measurements if you are not sure, because I won't be able to take returns on these.

This grouping are all $8 each (please ignore pricing on tags)...

1. [SOLD] Monster

2. [SOLD] sheep

3. [SOLD] polka dots

4. [SOLD] pumpkin (yeah, yeah, I know... looks more like an apple, lol)

5. [SOLD] Lightning, size small, outside body: merino, inside body & trim: lambswool

6. [SOLD] Lightning, size large, outside body & trim: merino, inside body: lambswool

7. [SOLD] aqua cashmere

8. [SOLD] patterned cashmere

8. [SOLD] maroon argyle longies

9. [SOLD] blue stripes

10. [SOLD] pink bunny cashmere

11. [SOLD] brown earthy

12. [SOLD] orange/lime cashmere

13. [SOLD] tan argyle

14. [SOLD] gray fair isle

15. [SOLD] navy/gray

15. Newborn cranberry cashmere

16. [SOLD] small/M magenta heart longies

17. [SOLD] Med. navy heart

18. [SOLD] Sm/M navy longies

19. [SOLD] Med. tree, all merino

20. [SOLD] Lg. v stripes (not much stretch in these, but they are bulletproof!)

20. [SOLD] Med. aqua/coral stripes

The rest of these are $6 each...

21. [SOLD] Lg blue/green stripes

22. [SOLD] Small blue. double layer. merino & lambswool

23. [SOLD] Lg. blue/gray stripes

24. [SOLD] Lg. green/gray stripes

25. [SOLD] Lg. green

26. [SOLD] Small black/gray fair isle

27. [SOLD] Sm/M gray/black fair isle


Leslie said...

Hi, Still waiting to hear what size child a large soaker fits, invoice pending.

Resweater said...

Hi, I'm sorry. I didn't know you asked a question. There wasn't a question in your email, just a request for the soaker. Since every baby is shaped differently, it's just best to give you dimensions... 21" rise (fully unfolded), 18" rise (folded over), 18" waist, and 10" legs.

Janet said...

How do I make a purchase from this site?

Resweater said...

Hi Janet, Just email me (resweatercontacts at gmail dot com) with which ones you want. I'll have to make sure this is all current on what's sold.