Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Tutorial Tuesday! Wool drink cozies!

What is more perfect for summer than wool? Ok, we may not be throwing on sweaters, or pulling wool blankets over ourselves right now, but there are still great summer uses for wool. I use wool cozies on all of our uninsulated glasses and water bottles, and they work great! Wool is naturally insulated, so it keeps your drink colder longer, and as an added bonus, not only soaks up that condensation on the outside, but wicks it away, leaving your hands dry. Make them in different colors/patterns and everyone will know who's glass belongs to who too!

 I love making these, because they don't use a lot of material (you can make so many out of a single sweater!), they are cool looking, you can customize them, and they are super easy and fast to make!

 Ready for the tutorial? Start out with any felted wool. Measure from top to bottom how long you want it to be on your glass (I love drinking out of mason jars), then measure around the glass, and take off about 1/2" if it's stretchy, or leave it the measurement around if it is not too stretchy. You want it to fit snuggly, so it doesn't fall off. Now you cut it to that measurement. I like to make the top of the cozy the hem or cuff of the sweater, so it has a nice finished edge.


Now you need your bottom piece. Just cut a circle about 1/2" wider than the bottom of your glass. If you have a hard time cutting perfect circles, just print out a template from the web, like this one.

Now sew your cozy seam, wrong side out. I like to stretch it a little as I sew, so the seam won't break if I have to stretch the cozy over a glass tightly.

Now sew your bottom piece on, again, wrong sides out.


Now flip it right side out, slip it on your glass, add your favorite summer beverage, and enjoy!

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