Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & Some resolutions

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012! With a new year comes resolutions. This year I have a personal resolution, as well as a professional one, and they kind of go together.

My personal resolution is to streamline my house, and get rid of everything we don't use or love. I found this decluttering calendar online, which I thought was brilliant... a simple task for each day of the year. I have also been utilizing Freecycle lately to get rid of things we no longer need, but are still very useful to others. I will work at this slowly throughout the year.

My professional Resweater resolution is to concentrate more on my blogging, creating tutorials, and making useful things for our household/family/friends, and less on making things for shows to sell. I want to also spend more time listing sweaters in my shop, so I always have a fresh selection. Because of this, I would like to scale down my personal stash of sweaters, and felted scraps, and will be putting together some great mystery boxes in the next week!

On a completely random note, our power was out for several hours this morning, so that meant no heat. We just threw on slippers, and extra sweaters, but Spots was cold too. Though I usually only put her sweaters on her for going outdoors, I realized it would be a good idea until the power came back on. She got excited when she saw it, stuck her head right in when I held it out, and looked so relieved when she had it on. So, use #25653 for recycled wool... keeping dogs warm when the power goes out ;).


Melinda said...

I'm totally on board to clean out/organize our house this year. Thanks for the link to the makes the whole task seem less overwhelming! Happy New Year!

DiaNne said...

I have been making mittens for all the people I know that have warmed my heart. My friends are excited when they learn they have made it on the mitten list. What do you do with the very small scraps of wool. After 35 pairs I have a large bag of small scraps.

Resweater said...

Mostly I use them for the middle of dryer balls, and for the insides of draft stoppers.