Saturday, March 21, 2009

My recycled wool baby boy clothes rock! - Victoria Velting

"Everything from embellished onesies, to hats and mittens on strings, to full sweater
sets, I love recycling wool sweaters. They are the most amazing, craftable materials! It
all started about 13 months ago when Fyn arrived in my life, and I don't see it stopping
anytime soon.

My studio is in the process of being revamped too, so as soon as the new shelves and tall
sewing table are complete, I'll be able to make all kinds of new things. Custom orders
welcome! Also in the works are some ideas for wooly appliques that you can sew on
yourself (like the bunny on the jacket hood and the tree on the onesie), and patterns for
making baby boy clothes, if there's enough interest!

You can find some of my things online at and I'm listing
more ideas on my blog,
Pass it on!"


Resweater said...

I can personally attest to the uber cuteness of Victoria's baby clothes! We have one of her sweaters and a cashmere elf hat & they rock!

Victoria Velting said...

Thanks, Kris! Wool is amazing, one of the most versatile crafting materials I know. The more I make with it, the more I want to make!
It's great to be in the company of other recyclists!

gowshika said...
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