Monday, March 2, 2009

Reclaimed wool sweater yarn week, ReFabulous

This week's theme is a little different! I am still featuring things made from upcycled wool sweaters, but these sweaters have been unraveled before being made into fabulous things! Some call this "frogging" the wool because you "rip-it" at the seams before unraveling, and it is also know as "reclaimed" yarn. Any way you look at it, it's a fabulously green thing to do!

My first yarn reclaimer of the week is Etsy shop ReFabulous. She reclaims wool yarn, & makes dryer balls out of them! I own a wool dryer ball myself, & know from personal experience that they work great. You could buy a pvc dryer ball that was made in China, chock full of chemicals, and harmful to the environment, or a recycled all natural product made by a hard working mom... hmmm. Oh, and the wool ones are quieter too :) If you have a little extra reading time, you can check out the Refabulous blog.

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Letters To Mom said...

This is fabulous! While recovering at home from a recent surgery I've gotten into a creative frenzy! I love fine fabrics & yarns and wondered if perhaps I could make scarves, etc. from thrift shop finds. I decided to google it and low & behold - I found you. I'm not up to visiting the thrift shops yet, but now I have a plan.