Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eco Sisters recycled wool dryer balls

I have been gathering a variety of recycled wool items to take with me to my fiber fair next month, to show examples of how useful recycled wool is, and to promote fellow recycled wool enthusiasts. I will have a table of these things, along with the business cards of the artists. Eco Sisters' dryer balls will be one of those things. The picture on top are mine (sorry I forgot to remove the "pills" before taking the picture), and the ones below are from their website. I have been using them nonstop since I got them a few weeks ago, and they are great. I had a wool dryer ball, but wanted a couple more. These are very well made, solid, and I don't foresee them ever coming apart. Why would you ever want to use those chemical laden, clothes ripping, ugly, noisy, made in China, mass produced, aweful PVC dryer balls, when you could have these gentle, quiet, natural fiber, recycled, visually appealing, hand made ones? Dying to get your hands on some? Check out their website!


Anonymous said...
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Tarahlynn said...

Hi I'm the webmaster for ecosisters. Thank you so much for the wonderful article! But, I wanted to ask, if you could change the link to our new website address? Just http://ecosisters.net Thank you!!

Resweater said...

I relinked the link! Thanks! :)