Saturday, March 12, 2011

Merino, merino, merino!

In tomorrow's Sweater Sunday post all the sweaters will be 100% merino wool, so I thought i'd post some facts & information about merino sweaters for those who are not familiar.

The average merino sweater is thin and super soft. Merino is smoother, and less fuzzy, than most wools. Most people who feel they can't wear wool because it is "too itchy", can tolerate merino because of it's softness.

Merino is the softest type of sheep's wool. Merino is excellent for diaper covers, because of it's softness, but generally needs 2 layers if they are thinner. I like to use them as the inside layer for diaper covers, or double them up.

Because of it's softness & stretchiness, as long as it's not overly felted, merino is great for waistbands, hat bands, mittens & liners for mittens, leg warmers, clothing, and so much more.

When merino is heavily felted, it is similar in density & texture to craft felt, so it is great for appliques, slippers, purses, and more.

Merino has the same properties as all wool... naturally moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, fire retardant, insulated, and just plain fabulous! Merino wool is commonly used in higher end running clothes for these reasons, and because it is thin & smooth.

There's not much merino can't do!

Any questions? :)


Anne Magee said...

Thanks for the information! Hmmm... may have to go thrifting today! I still need to sit down with my sewing machine and get reacquainted with it!

Heidi said...

I sometimes have a harder time getting my merino sweaters to felt all the way. Any idea why?

Resweater said...

Some merino sweaters are treated with chemicals, so they won't felt. Avoid sweaters that say "superwash" on them or "machine washable". Do look for "dry clean only" or "hand wash in cold". Sometimes it is mercerized too and won't felt.

Lora said...

I love Merino wool. It is the best stuff to work with. I like it more than cashmere. If they don't felt enough, I just do them again. I think I've had one that is mercerized. I was convinced that it was mislabeled because it felt like cotton and felted like cotton (ie it didn't felt at all)

Resweater said...

Lora, I wonder if it was cotton, and it got mislabeled. I've noticed that many of the companies that make mens merino sweaters will make the same style in cotton as well, so it would be an easy mix up.
I prefer merino to cashmere too... less fuzzy.

Lauren Kostantin said...

awesome info here :) I also have had trouble with felting merino, but like you mentioned, it's all been "washable" wool.

anna jo said...

I am having a love affair with merino lately. And I can always find it at my local thrift store in large supply. Yay!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

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