Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thrift store finds

It is Spring Break for us here, and my son & I have been doing lots of fun stuff, but I haven't sewn a thing all week. No 'What I've Been Working on Wednesday' this week! On our way to today's adventure, the Eli's Cheesecake factory tour, we stopped at a little thrift store nearby. Though I found no sweaters :( , and the store was tiny, the ladies (i'm assuming volunteers) were all so friendly & helpful, and the store was so organized and not the least bit cluttered, like most thrift stores. I walked away with some treasures (one man's trash) for a bargain!

Just last week, I was about to buy some pins for making my pincushions, but held back back because I prefer to buy resale, and I couldn't make myself spend the $5/package for the ones with bigger heads. I'm glad I waited, because I got 4 boxes (144 in each!) for $1. These are labeled corsage pins. Does anyone know the difference between a corsage pin & a pin for sewing? Size?

I was wanting some simple cross stitch patterns for a project & found these for just 5 cents each! Jack's favorite birds are cardinals, so bonus!

I wanted to make a few more shaker pin cushions, so I was thrilled to find these! One was marked 50 cents, and the others were marked higher, but the ladies declared that silly, and marked them all down to 50 cents :)

Another project on my mental list required snaps, but again I balked at the Joann's prices, and decided to wait to find them resale. Glad I did, because I got these vintage ones for a mere 25 cents total! The one card is solid brass. Do they even make them that nice anymore?

Jack found a Crayola protractor/ruler too, that kept him happy & entertained all afternoon for a quarter, so we were happy campers.

If you have completed any recycled wool projects, as always, feel free to post them on my Facebook page!


Janda said...

How very cool! I know how you feel to find such great bargains. Definitely worth the wait.
Thanks for sharing your thrift store rewards. :-]

Resweater said...

Thanks for thinking they were cool! I don't get this kind of feedback on my sewing finds from my husband & son ;)

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