Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday!

After making stockings for my son, my husband, and I, I realized someone was missing.... our dog Spots! I made her a stocking too. When I showed it to her, she instantly got the zoomies (if you have ever had a dog or cat, you have probably witnessed the zoomies at one time or another). It almost seemed like she was excited about the stocking, and we laughed so hard :). No point to this story... it was just funny.

Monster knee patch? Pure genius. Not my idea, but I love it! I found it on Pinterest. Have you been on Pinerest?! It is addictive! It is a virtual bulletin board, to "pin" all those fun ideas you run across online. Anyhow, I found this idea here, and just happened to find a pair of my son's jeans with a hole in the knee, so there you go. The thing I did differently than the original tutorial, is that I seam ripped the side of the leg, so I could do the sewing with my machine. I figure the patch will survive more washings this way, and it only takes a few seconds with the seam ripper... much faster than hand sewing.

before & after:

If you have an older child, and this is too cute for them I posted a tutorial a while back on how to repair a hole with the "destroyed" look, here.

What have you been working on?


Heather said...

Oh no! After years of mending holes in jeans I've just promised myself I would no longer do it (they're all thrifted in the first place and I'm trying to find ways to free up some time for things I love to do)...but now I've seen this! I have a feeling if my sons aren't wearing holes in their pants quickly enough I might want to help them along just so I can try a patch like this. ;-)

Amy zimmer said...

Hi there! How are these patches holding up in the wash?
Happy holidays!

Resweater said...

So far, so good! We have washed them twice, and it looks great. I do wash our jeans in a "cool" cycle. I think if you washed them in warm or hot, there might be further felting issues. He loves them, and wore them last night :).

Gwenbeads said...

I just found your blog and I'm enjoying seeing your wonderful work with felted wool sweaters. This monster fix is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your creativity.