Monday, November 28, 2011

Wreath ornament kits!

I am selling wreath ornament kits in my shop this year! Included in each kit is enough felted wool & cashmere squares to make at least 2 ornaments, plus 3 coordinating seams to make the hanging loops. They are only $5 a kit (makes 2 or more ornaments), and $2.50 for shipping (US). Shipping is free on any additional kits.

These ornaments make great gifts, and older children can make them.... the perfect thing to keep little hands busy over Christmas break! My son had just turned 4 when he started stringing these himself (I tie the knots). I recommend having them poke through the square into a pillow, if they are little, so they don't poke their fingers with the needle. Grownups love to make them too!

You can choose from Christmas colors (reds, greens, whites/creams), earthy colors (browns, greens, tans, creams, rusts), bright colors, mixed colors, or you can request special colors (but contact me first with special requests, so I can make sure I can fill them).

Want more information, or to buy some? Go here!


J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

My friends and I made those last year for Christmas gifts. They were so much fun. I had to do all the cutting of the squares. I kind of want to make a bigger one out of two inch squares. I think I will need to "string" on wire though.

Resweater said...

I want to make a big one too... for my front door. Let me know if you come up with a type of wire that works good.

Kathy said...

These kits are really nice! I would consider getting a couple and using them with my fifth grade class for a fun tree ornaments at school. I think we'd cut some more sweater scraps to make enough for everyone in the class.

Resweater said...

Kathy, How fun! They are definitely old enough to cut the squares themselves, so that would be great project for them!