Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm weather proofing with wool!

We have the coldest temperatures ever recorded in history coming our way. It is supposed to be a high of -10 degrees!


I have an old house, and just about nothing is insulated. My dining/family room has a sliding glass door, and you can feel the cold pouring in over there. I just hung a wool blanket up for now, but I plan to make something more permanent later. It is amazing the difference that made! Even the floor is warmer.

In the same room I have a few little octagon windows. They are not insulated (or at least not well), and if I put plastic over them, they will fill with mold from trapped moisture. Wool will insulate, while remaining breathable and moisture wicking. I made little covers to go over them from pieces of a pale yellow blanket. I used a lighter color on purpose, so light could still filter through, and as you can see it is :).


Everyone stay warm & safe!!!


Jen said...

What a great idea! I'm in Virginia and it's not supposed to be nearly as cold as you are, but still very cold. We have an old house also, and our windows are terrible. My mother in law mentioned to me before that I might want to consider making window quilts....I might just have to make wool quilts.

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