Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's What I've Been Working On Wednesday! Wool pet supplies!

We just adopted 2 new family member, Spotty and Scruffy (guinea pigs)! 

At first I used regular bedding in their cage, but my sweaters looked like this every time I picked them up.... and that's after brushing off what I can... and it ends up all over the floor. Ugh!

After reading around online, I found that a lot of guinea pig enthusiasts use fleece liners in the cages, instead of bedding. Less messy, way less expensive, more comfy for the piggies... brilliant! Instead of fleece, for my first attempt, I of course used wool :).


Guinea pigs love having stuff to hide in, especially since they are new to us and scared of everything! The cardboard box hideaway was fine while we weren't interacting with them, but when I would go to pick them up, they would go racing around the cage in a panic. I decided to make little sacks for them, like I had seen online made of fleece, but out of some wool blanket scraps I had. With these little tunnel/sack things, I can just pick them up, sack and all, so handling time is a lot less scary and panicked. On the open end, I just folded the edge over twice and sewed, so the opening would be stiffer and stay open.

They seem to really like them! At least they are less scared for now.

I wonder what else I can make for them from wool? :)


Dzintra said...

brilliant idea - these little hideaway sacks! Friend of mine had guinea boy, who was very found of ordinary, big wool blanket for some sort of hide-and-seek or just little rest... all evening long:)

Unknown said...

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