Tuesday, June 2, 2009


next artist has her own website, the Anti-Factory. She only sells her recycled wool & recycled cashmere sweaters in the fall/winter months, but you can email her to get notified when she adds new items. I LOVE these sweaters!

From her website:
"As an avid fashion follower, I was becoming frustrated with stories of sweatshop labor and the mass-production of cheap clothing to satisfy consumer desires. Also, being a woman born in the Philippines, it is a chilling idea that I was this close (holds her fingers an inch apart from each other) from having an alternate existence as a sweatshop sewer. As an ecologically-minded recycler, I wanted Anti-Factory to rely primarily on quality recycled fabrics in an attempt to minimize waste and consumption. Born from a concern with social issues paired with creative hands, I started sewing and designing clothing for myself and...voila!"

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madder root said...

These sweaters are so cool!