Monday, June 8, 2009

Bored kids need recycled wool crafts!

The kids are out of school, and excited about all things summer, but at some point you will inevitably hear (in a drawn out whiny voice) "Mom, i'm bored!". That is the perfect time for recycled wool crafts! Even better than the 100th scribbled on coloring book page, you can save these projects to give away as cool Christmas gifts! For all of you who do not know me yet, I will say it again... it is never too early to start on Christmas projects! Here are some uber cute & simple recycled wool projects that I have found online. Please note that any time a project calls for craft felt, you can always use recycled wool felt. It is so much more satisfying to use recycled natural materials!

A fun way to get rid of some scraps... mini wreath ornaments:

Cute retro owl:

Cute tote bag:

Adorable tree ornaments:
How about a mouse puppet to entertain the little ones?

Coasters! How easy is this for the little ones? Just trace & cut!

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