Tuesday, June 16, 2009

woolformation on stuffed animals

A friend of mine asked where she could find shops that sell wool stuffed animals, so she can get one for her adorable baby girl. Hmm.... my blog! I have featured some great artisans & their stuffed animals in the past that I pointed out to her. She was thankful for the woolformation (thanks, Nancy for the new word in my blogcabulary!). There have been so many changes to everyone's shops that I should revisit a couple. Felt Sew Good's Etsy shop should be revisited often! It is like discovering her shop all over again every time I go there. Here's what's new in the plush world of Felt Sew Good!


HMaas said...

I always get inspired coming to visit your blog - oh if only there were more time in a day than I could conquer my ever growing wish lists for re-con sweaters.

Val said...

I ditto heather on the inspiration...this is the coolest site!! Love that rainbow wing birdie!! well all of it really! Keep up the great work on resourcing and baggin those sweet sweater stacks!

Resweater said...

Thanks guys! It makes me feel SO good to know that people like my blog :)