Friday, May 14, 2010

Feature Friday - Jill2day

Are you looking for something totally unique to wear? Head on over to Jill's Etsy shop, Jill2day, for some fabulous recycled fashions. Not only does she make her gorgeous garments from recycled wool, but recycled tshirts and other recycled materials. Aren't they fun?


Janet Metzger, Artist said...

I've admired her work for a long time. I don't think she felts her sweaters...what do you think?

Resweater said...

Hmm, I don't know! Hey, Jill... do you felt your sweaters?

jill said...

sorry guys, missed this earlier!! No I do not felt them... some are not wool because many people don't like wool. I often mix a real variety of contents, but I alwayas wash the final result before sending it out to "prove" the seams, etc.

Thanks so much for this article!!