Monday, May 17, 2010

The winner of the ragamuffin giveaway is....

... #3, picked by

"Cindy in Carolina said...I would give Buddy a good home here on the farm and he could visit with my grand daughter when she visits 2 or 3 times a week.

Cindy in Carolina"

Congratulations Cindy! A quiet life on the farm and a child to love him... what more could Buddy ask for?


Crispina said...

Hi There ReSweater.
It would be really great if you gave credit where credit is due. As designer of the original Ragamuffin I would like that.
Crispina ffrench

Resweater said...

Hi Crispina,
I'm sorry, but there must be some confusion. I didn't make Buddy, nor did I claim to. Did you read the original giveaway post?:

I won him on Kaotic Krafter's giveaway, and when my son was scared of him, I gave him away, so he could be enjoyed by someone else. I never claimed that I made him, designed him, or anything else. In fact, when I was asked on my Resweater Facebook page if it was made from your design, I said "i'm pretty sure it is".
Kris :)