Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Super easy recycled wool leg warmers

The weather can't make up it's mind lately, so it's nice to have an extra layer, especially when it's cute accessories! This tutorial is so easy, and will take you 5 minutes to make from start to finish.

First, take a soft, lightly felted sweater ... felted enough so it doesn't unravel at the seams, but still has some stretch. Make sure your sweater is big enough, at least a size bigger than what you wear, unless you want them form fitting. I chose a merino for mine this time. I will have to make myself some chunky ones in the winter!

Cut the arms off, cutting straight across, not on a slant at the seam.

Next, cut 2 pieces of ribbing from the waist of the sweater to your measurements. Measure around where you will want the top of your leg warmers to sit. I measured right below my knee. Remember that you want them to be a little snug. If thy are loose, they will not stay up.

Now take those pieces of ribbing & sew them together to form cuffs, right sides in, so they will now look like this:

Now sew the cuffs onto the legs. Your cuffs will most likely be smaller than your leg opening, so you will need to stretch them as you sew. To make sure you are sewing the right sides together, your leg seam should be on the outside, and you should be able to see your cuff seam, like pictured below:

When you are done sewing, they should look like this:

Now, flip them inside out, and you have leg warmers!

See... I told you they were easy! Pair them up with a skirt, make some for your little girl to wear with her dresses, wear them to your dance class, or just wear them on the couch while watching Flashdance... the possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

* Yes, I am aware that the skirt and legwarmers do not match. I was too lazy to change outfits ;)
* No, you will look better in them than that. My size 11 wide feet seem to make everything look a little more clown-like than they really are.


Amy said...

LOVE them!!! Just reading this made me feel cozy on this rainy day!!!
Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

I love that they are striped!

Resweater said...

Me too! :)

Crooked Moon Mama said...

I love these! I also love that you don't match, cause that's the way we roll here too!

Shannon H said...

I have canoe feet too, used to be a house boat before gastric bypass though! :)I 12WW, Payless or men's were all that fit! Was 11M until baby, now I think I'm a 12 again one foot and other 12 W other w/ bunion & 3 corns! :( Who knows only in Mommy clothes, house shows or stretched preggo tennis shoes.

Love your site! New sewer. Have many sweaters to upcycle. Last set of longies waiting on elastic in mail from coop, made waist & rise too big. Serged waistband on so can't make rollover like I would've had I paid more attention. Went by measurements of 2 pair, one for length + cuff & other for diaper bum.

Have a purple argyle I can use for me with leggings and maybe skirt too with scraps from baby boys projects. Royally messed up something lately doing in too many broken up sewing sessions so need Mojo back! Happy Thanksgiving!