Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Re-bags!

This is actually more of just a concept than a tutorial, since i'm sure you guys could figure out how to do this from looking at it ;) I have been loving all the heavy duty canvas shopping bag/ totes i've been running across at garage sales. I use them for everything... craft projects, swim stuff, shopping, sand toys, etc., and especially love the ones with a pocket on the outside for my water bottle. What I don't like is all the ugly logos that most of them have on them. Now I am just covering the logos up with recycled wool patches, and turning them into Re-bags! I used my sewing machine to sew the recycling symbol onto the patch, then hand stitched the patch onto the pocket of the bag. If you like the idea, but don't want to make the patches, Victoria Velting sells cute recycled wool patches in her Etsy shop.

Here's the bag I started with. I am not even sure what that was from, a gym maybe? Anywho... it needed some recycled wool!

Here's the patch I made, in progress...

...and here it is sewed on the pocket.

Much better, eh?


Olivia Jean said...

I have so many bags I need to do this with!!

(and I think it is Shape Magazine...)

Unknown said...

This is a GREAT use for all the black wool I've managed to accumulate! Thanks!

Crooked Moon Mama said...

Duh...what a great idea!! Thanks for thinking of it and posting it. I have gotten rid of so many bags like that...man...now I have to go get some.
Silly me. :)

Love it!