Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - yoga/jogging/athletic shorts

I was in need of some new shorts for walking/jogging, and knew that merino wool would be the perfect material for that... wicks away moisture, soft, breathable, lightweight. Wool does what athletic clothing manufacturers have been trying to duplicate with synthetics, but still is not as good. Merino wool clothing can be extremely expensive... unless you buy recycled wool garments or do it yourself! Ready for the tutorial?

You will need a pair of comfy shorts out of your wardrobe, and a lightly felted (not felted stiff, still stretchy, but won't unravel when you cut) merino sweater.

Fold them in half and use them to make a pattern. Remember to make a seam allowance. This is a good time to customize the length to your liking. When you are done with the one side, fold it the other way, and make another pattern. One will be your front pattern, and the other will be your back.

Now cut out 2 pieces from each pattern, 2 fronts & 2 backs. If you have a big enough sweater (I didn't), you can position each piece, so the ribbing is at the bottom of the leg for a more finished look.

Next sew the crotch seams... the 2 fronts together, and the 2 backs together.

Now you can sew the rest together (remembering right sides in & wrong sides out).

For the waistband measure what would be comfortable for you, and cut a piece of the ribbing to size. Next time, I think I will make a bigger fold over waistband for more support & coverage.

Sew your waistband on. It should be a little smaller than your opening, so you will stretch it lightly & evenly as you go.

Flip them right side out, and you have shorts!

I'll be making another pair soon... i'll blog it then. Enjoy!


Deb said...

I love this. I have been wanting to make some merino wool bike shorts. Now I will! thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial.

Veronica said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration. How do you know if it is felted enough? I ran mine through one wash and it shrank considerably. Should that be enough?

Connie said...

So clever! I think I'd use a thicker waistband, but I LOVE these! I've been making toys and PJs for my son and friends' children, but hadn't thought of making anything for myself to wear!! And I certainly need to use up some of my sweater stash! Thanks!

Resweater said...

Veronica, that should be fine, but if you want to be sure, cut by a seam & see if it unravels. If not, you are good to go!

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Awesome. I would never have thought of wool for shorts like that. Genius.

The Sewing Dork said...

Love 'em! What a fantastic idea.

NeedlesAndKims said...

Kris, Your cleverness continues to amaze me! I love this idea.

yoga clothing said...

It is great and very intelligent idea that you have made shorts at home so that we can give them shape what we like and also we can make it from our favourite material. According me it is the best use of our free time.

Tina said...

I think I may be making a few pairs in the near future. Did you end up making more? Any other tips?


Resweater said...

I made a pair a couple of weeks ago:


I made the waistband thicker this time (2 layers, instead of one).