Monday, June 21, 2010

Want some free stuff?

I do! I am currently trying to get this cool glass water bottle on Amazon...

... but I don't have enough gift cards yet. What does all this have to do with you? If you sign up to earn Swagbucks through me (scroll down & click on the swagbucks button on my sidebar), I will earn Swagbucks when you do (and people can sign up under you too!)! What is Swagbucks? It's just a search engine, like Google. When you surf the web through them, they randomly award you points that you can redeem for prizes & gift cards. The best to me, is the $5 Amazon gift cards. In the past couple of months I have earned $65 in gift cards just for surfing the web! In the beginning I would get a gift card every week or 2, but now that I have some referrals, I get enough points for a gift card every couple of days! It's easy, and it's free. Sorry if I sound like a commercial, but I just love free stuff!

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