Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's What I've Been Working on Wednesday - not much this week!

I have not been sewing much, but did make this dress for Victoria Marie. I figured since she was going to be modeling my hats, she needed a wool outfit too. The leggings I made a few weeks ago. I want to add cuffs on the sleeves & embellish the front, but I think it looks pretty good as is.

You are going to have to forgive me, but my blogging will be scarce for the next week or 2. I still have to take my Christmas tree down, my laundry is behind, my shop inventory is much lower than I like, and I am going on a girls' weekend trip (my first trip without my family!), so not much time left for blogging! Also, my shop will be on vacation mode over the weekend, starting Friday afternoon. I might be online while i'm out of town, but I will be away from my sweaters, so I can't do any shipping from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

So what have you been working on? I LOVE seeing all your projects that you have been posting on my Facebook page!


Barb said...

Love this outfit! I'll have to try & make a couple for my niece's dolls. Have a great trip!

Irēna said...

she looks beautiful! have a nice trip!

Allison said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and I was wanting to ask you a question. I know how to felt a wool sweater, but can I do that to cashmere and other sweeters aswell or does it have to be wool? Thank you so much for any help. My e-mail is

Resweater said...

Hi Allison, Welcome to my blog! Yes, cashmere, angora, and other animal fibers will felt as well. Cashmere & angora tend to stay soft and still drape after being felted, instead of becoming very stiff, like craft felt.