Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's What I've Been Working On Wednesday!

I got a lot done this week! I saw a pillow with what looked like planets on it, in a magazine, and I set out to make a pillow for Jack, since he loves astronomy (he knows more about the planets than most adults do!). I made it out of black cashmere, and he couldn't stop saying how soft it was :)

I was especially proud of how my earth came out (when Jack saw it he said "great job on South America, Mama!), but I really messed up Saturn's ring (notice that I didn't include that in the close up pic... he he he).

Jack has been asking me to make him an owl, whenever he saw one, so I finally got around to that. He wanted it to be brown with rainbow wings, and had a blast making the decisions on every detail. We were both happy with the end results! We decided to add a pocket to the back for treasure storage.

I am going to be making Christmas stockings soon (it is never too early to plan for Christmas!) out of the sleeves of this red fair isle, but for now the body of the sweater was begging me to be a pillow, so I obliged! This was my first pillow, so I was very happy how it turned out.

What have you been working on this week? As always, feel free to post your recycled wool finished projects on my Facebook page... I love to see 'em!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love both of these projects. I especially love owls and I am always looking for new owl "styles". The little pocket is a great idea. I might have to try a couple for my niece and nephew! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Mary Keenan said...

Your things are so cute!! I especially love the planets pillow - don't you love drawing on wool with wool?

Resweater said...

Thanks, Courtney! If you Google "stuffed owls" & click on Google images, you will get more inspiration than you'll know what to do with!

Mary, Lol, I do love drawing on wool with wool... except when certain planet's, who shall remain nameless, rings move on me while i'm sewing ;)

Christina AKA SuperMom said...

Oh I made a stocking for my lil one on Christmas eve when I realized she didn't have one! I'll post a pic for you!

abipolz said...

I made an owl just like that! It turned out so so cute. I also made a cashmere stuffed elephant for my nephew - again, too cute. Love that your blog gives me good ideas for the sweaters that I find.

Unknown said...

I love both of those. Until I work out the kinks with my machine, I don't see myself doing the solar system, but I really want to make that owl. I just bought a brown sweater from you that I was toying with actually WEARING, but it may need to be an owl (and a hot dog patch for a 5 year old's jeans).

Christina AKA SuperMom said...

Heres the stocking I made for my little one. Perhaps some inspiration for your next project!

Resweater said...

abipolz, Ooh, an elephant! That reminds me of a project I put off. You might be seeing an elephant on a nearby Wednesday ;)

Theresa, the owl was pretty easy. The solar system was not. I vote for owl!

Christina, Great stocking! I like the toe & heel.

Anne Magee said...

OK.... all of those projects are awesome! I'm embroidering an owl right now! The pillow made from the cardigan is genius... then you don't have to make an envelope back! Love it!